Joining the E-Book Revolution

July is the month of the e-book!

We watched when, on July 6, Hachette Book Group announced that James Patterson was the first author to sell over 1 million e-books. In the weeks that followed, Amazon announced that their e-book sales had eclipsed their (ever-growing) hardcover sales. And now, the e-commerce superstore has named the late Stieg Larsson as the first author to break 1 million Kindle e-book sales for his posthumously published Millennium Trilogy.

Needless to say, it’s an exciting time to be in publishing, and Open Door cannot wait to join the realm of the e-book! Our first book to be published digitally will be Jean-Bertrand Casseus’ Project Management: A Primer.

About the Book:

Project Management: A Primer introduces the non-technical person to basic Project Management concepts and to a methodology designed to help them understand the phases and activities of a project and the tasks that must be completed for success. While many technical manuals on project management often run 500 to 600 pages long, this book, instead, offers a quick and easy-to-read approach designed specifically for people who do not have a technical background. It is a roadmap to delivering a successful project, on time and on budget.

We’ll keep you updated on the process and the release, so check back often!

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