Why Open Door Publications?

Open Door Publications can offer writers the specific attention that larger companies simply cannot. We’ve worked with such a wide variety of authors that in over 15 years, we’ve seen it all. You’ll work with Karen Hodges Miller and her team of professional editors, graphic artists, proofreaders, web designers, and marketing experts. Rather than applying one all-encompassing publishing method, Karen ensures each and every writer receives a customized writing and publishing plan to fit their specific needs.

You’re passionate about writing, but need help getting your book in front of the right readers. Open Door Publications is your next step.

Open Door Publications works with writers like you—whether you’ve got an idea and don’t know where to begin, or you’re an experienced writer who needs a marketing plan to sell more books. Karen has been in your shoes. The face and backbone to Open Door Publications has already done the hard part: she has self-published and is currently helping others to do the same. Wherever you are in the writing, editing, publishing, or printing process Karen has been there and done that. Open Door Publications offers personal service at each stage of the process, creating a specialized plan that works for you. Many of our clients are coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and speakers. Our boutique consulting company has a proven system to help you stretch and expand your ideas to achieve your publishing goals.

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The first step is always the hardest. While we understand many of you have been working on “that book in your head” for years, the real magic comes when the ideas jump from your head to paper.

Open Door Publications offers coaching packages to ensure success during the writing process. We connect with you throughout the writing phase to keep it moving, develop your content, and plan your writing schedule. Project schedules are monitored closely to ensure timely publication of your book while achieving the highest standards of quality.


$150 per one-hour session or $400 for three one-hour sessions. Karen works with you virtually.

Virtual Writer Groups:

We offer group coaching on a weekly basis with three to five authors only. The group meets for one hour each week through Zoom. Chapters are submitted in advance to everyone in the group, and participants offer helpful suggestions and constructive feedback during the group call.
$90 for a three-month group commitment.


Open Door Publications only accepts manuscripts in Word document form. In order to work with us you must be familiar with using the “track changes” feature of Word, and comfortable with computer basics including email attachments.


Once written, you will move onto the editing and production stages, where your manuscript will become a finished book. We coordinate the editing, typesetting, page layout, and custom cover design, proofreading, assigning an ISBN, and printing.

We offer our services à la carte for the author who wants to do as much as possible themselves, or as a complete publishing package.

À la carte services include:

  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Proofreading
  • Custom Cover Design

In addition, we offer consulting services, at $100 per hour, for the do-it-yourself author who just needs a little advice on the intricacies of publishing.
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If a book is published but no one is knows about it, does it ever get off the shelf?
Even the best book ever written won’t sell without a campaign strategy. At Open Door Publications we know that the best person to promote your book is you—but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a little help and guidance.

We can help you develop:

  • Your Author’s Platform
  • Your Media Kit
  • Your Overall Campaign Strategy

Consultations begin at $100 per hour.

“To say it has been a pleasure working with Open Door Publications is an understatement. Karen understood my anxiety and fear over publishing “Never Settle For Less,” which I had been writing on and off for years. She gave me the encouragement I needed. Karen was especially patient with my corrections, changes and concerns. She established a relationship with me, educated me on the process of storytelling, book publishing, and was always supportive and willing to put that extra time into listening. I feel confident with my work in her hands, her comments about the quality of my work, and her suggestions for publishing and marketing the book. Good overall experience! Thank you, Karen,!”
-Kesha Cox

“If they say a good story is one that comes full circle, then prepare to take a turn with me. I was first introduced to Open Door Publications when I met Karen Hodges Miller some eight years ago. I was looking for an editor to help spruce up my middle grade adventure story when I found a friend as giddy to see my book ‘make it big’ as I was. Karen screamed in glee with me as I headed to NYC and had three agents request partials. She was equally excited to learn that a house wanted to sign me – the dream was coming true! And it did (insert full circle). I signed with someone who cared about my novel, my vision, myself. I signed with Karen.”
-Katherine Penndorf

“This novel was conceived during the research process for another novel. When I presented Karen with an outline of chapters, she wisely perceived that I had at least two novels and instructed me in no uncertain terms to cut out at least one-half of the material. As a good editor, Karen is like an experienced gardener who knows just what and when to prune extraneous material. As we went through various drafts of the novel, I never doubted she was on my side and wanted me to succeed. That was true even when she gave what at first, I might have understood as negative criticism. I learned to trust her completely. The result is a much better book than I could have written alone. I compare her to an expert midwife who comforted, encouraged, and helped me immensely in my giving birth to a finished novel of which I can be proud and by which I hope my readers can be inspired.”
-Jack Saarela

Our Team

It takes a village to publish a book. Here are some of the Open Door Publications team members who help our authors and their books professional.