Learn the success strategies to create your book—and publish it.

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What You Will Learn

  • How to Organize Your Book for Success
  • How to Find the Time to Write Your Book
  • Publishing Basics: How and where to upload your book to maximize your audience

Learn how to leverage what your book can do for you.

Write your book today!

You Can Create The book you always wanted

An author is a person who has completed and published something. A writer is a person in the middle of that process. Learn how to become an Author.

We find that most people that begin this course
will publish their book within 6-12 months.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

The Self-Publishing You Can Do This ! Online course teaches you how to write, publish, market your book now


What You Need to Know to Write, Publish & Market Your Book

Are You Ready To Finish Your Book?

This course will teach you everything you need to know to move your book from your brain to a professional, polished, published work

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create an outline that speaks to your readers
  • Who You Need on Your Creative Team
  • How to Price Your Book
  • Why You Need an Audio Book and an eBook
  • And Finally – get your book published!

This Course Is For You If…

  • You always wanted to write a book but don’t know where to start
  • Have that half-written book still sitting in your bottom drawer
  • Have a book completed – but have no idea how to publish it

What’s Covered…

  • What’s Your Why for Writing?
  • Finding—and using—your creative energy
  • The New Rules of Publishing
  • How to format your book like a professional
  • Amazon KDP vs. Ingram Spark: What’s the Difference
  • How to Market your book

Meet Karen

Karen Hodges Miller is CEO at Open Door Publications, a company that specializes in helping authors navigate the world of publishing in the 21st century. The company assists both published and first-time authors with the wide variety of skills and tasks needed to successfully write, publish, and market a book.
Karen herself has written eight books, both fiction and nonfiction, as well as countless newspaper and magazine articles in her 30-plus year career. Authorpreneur: Build the Business Behind Your Book is her latest book on book marketing techniques. It focuses on helping authors to think as small business owners, and the skills they need to be successful.

“One of the hardest parts of writing is getting the momentum and motivation to do it. Karen’s course addresses this age-old problem and gives authors a starting point. Helping them set attainable goals for their writing and motivating them to keep at it.”

“Karen’s course is a great tool for any new writer trying to figure out where to start their journey. Writing a book can be overwhelming, and this course is set up to break the task up into manageable segments. Authors can dedicate minutes or hours to the course each day, depending on their schedule. The most important part of the writing journey is to start writing.”

Nicole Loughan – Award-winning author of the best-selling Saints Mystery Series

An extra special thank you to my editor, Karen Hodges Miller. Karen took me by the hand and lead me through unfamiliar territory to help me publish my first book, Don’t Paint Your Kitchen: How to Sell Yourself & Get the Job You Want. I am grateful for all of Karen’s advice, direction, guidance, help, suggestions, and support. Not necessarily in alphabetical order, but certainly in total.
Onward and upward…

Joey Himelfarb, Author of Don’t Paint Your Kitchen: How to Sell Yourself and Get the Job You Want

“To say it has been a pleasure working with Open Door Publications is an understatement,”

said Kesha Cox, Author, Never Settle for Less.


What You Need to Know to Write, Publish & Market Your Book

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