Open Door Publications develops emerging and seasoned writers as well as the multi-genre works they produce to be printed and sold online to readers worldwide.

About Open Door Publications

Open Door Publications helps authors navigate the world of self-publishing. We act as publishing consultants to assist both emerging and seasoned writers to get their books sold online to readers worldwide. Founded in 2004, we have worked with authors in a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction genres. Open Door Publications’ CEO and founder, Karen Hodges Miller, has published several books on writing and publishing. Her latest, How to Sell Your Book Today: Focus your book marketing for the new digital economy, emphasizes the online marketing techniques so necessary in a post-pandemic world.

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    “To say it has been a pleasure working with Open Door Publications is an understatement,”

    said Kesha Cox, Author, Never Settle for Less.

    “I signed with someone who cared about my novel, my vision, myself. I signed with Karen,”

    said Katherine Penndorf, Author, Freya Book Series.

    “As we went through various drafts of the novel, I never doubted she was on my side and wanted me to succeed. I learned to trust her completely. The result is a much better book than I could have written alone,”

    said Jack Saarela, Author, Accidental Saviors.