Never There by Nicole Loughan

never there book cover

Michelle’s life isn’t going so well. She’s broke, she’s lonely, and the only plan on her calendar is her ten-year high school reunion. Just before the only event of the season, she gets a call from an old friend who stirs up a long-forgotten mystery, the legend of Cedar Rapids. Michelle and her former classmates went on a trip to the small town of Cedar Rapids, Michigan, in the third grade and visited a picturesque farm that exists warmly in their memories. The only problem is that’s the only place it exists.

After twenty years with no trace of the enigmatic town, Michelle’s friend claims to have found it, but when the call ends, just like Cedar Rapids, she disappears.

Michelle rallies her childhood friends and quirky Midwestern family to help her unravel the mystery. As they delve deeper, the haze around their memory lifts, revealing a clue to something far more sinister.

Soon, Michelle holds a secret that could destroy a whole town.

When the truth is revealed, it’s beyond what anyone imagined. Michelle will have to fight her way through a cast of bad characters and a fair number of spiders to survive this tangled web. Lucky for her, she’s got a secret that has always kept her safe, so far…

This twisty small-town mystery delves into the phenomenon of the Mandela Effect. It is a perfect fit for readers of Stephanie Plum novels or fans of the TV show Fargo. Never There is a cozy adjacent mystery with a dark edge and a hefty dose of humor.

Ebook: $5.99, Paperback: $12.99, Hardcover: $25.76