Marketing Your Book: What Our Authors are Doing

There are as many ways to market a book as there are authors who write them. That’s why this month I’m bringing you a round-up of what some of Open Door Publication’s most recently published authors are up to.

Susan Vernicek: Identity: This Magbook Will Empower You To Accept, Appreciate, Achieve™
Susan may have the most ambitious plan of any of our writers. She is scheduling a national book tour with plans to visit every state in the next 12 months! Since her book’s target market is women, particularly in their 20s and 30s, she is holding her “Book Tour with a Twist” in locations such as gyms, learning centers, and even a few bookstores. She markets  the event as a free girls night out with cocktails and cupcakes. Susan is selling books, having fun, and most important of all, making new connections for her online magazine, Identity.
Dr. Leon Bass: Good Enough: One Man’s Memoir on the Price of the Dream
Leon has quickly become our best-selling author. Probably because at age 86, his energy puts most of us younger folk to shame. He launched his book on April 1, with a reception and invited everyone he knew. He sold over 200 books that day alone. Don’t underestimate the power of your friends! Leon already had a schedule of national speaking engagements, and now brings several copies of his book with him on each one. He has affiliations with a number of non-profit organizations who are ordering his book in bulk for resale. Educational discounts are also available for the book for teachers who would like to order classroom sets.
Cassie Chandler: The Retirement Game for Nurses
Cassie is a financial advisor who specializes in working with nurses. She sees her book as her “business card” and says her purpose is to get the book into as many hands as possible – whether she sells them or gives them away at seminars. Cassie began her “shock and awe campaign” on May 1 – National Nurses Month – by scheduling several seminars at hospitals in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.
She quickly discovered that just sending out an invitation to a seminar was not enough. “I want to pick out a couple of hospitals and a couple of nursing organizations and get the book into the hands of the leadership there. That way I’ll have more support when I go in t do a seminar,” she explains.

We’ll continue to update you on these and other authors in our next newsletters.

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