The Journey to a Million Books Sold Begins With One Sale

Healing Journeys: Stories of Mind, Body and Spirit by Dr. Kevin Kita launched with an incredibly successful event on May 20 in New Hope, PA. Kevin signed and sold 200 books that day! He still continues to sell the book in a variety of ways and has sold more than 300 more books for a total of over 500.
Kevin shared a few of his marketing/selling techniques with me:
1. Always have a few books with you. Kevin keeps a box of books in the back of his car and always carries a few in his briefcase. This way, when the subject of his book comes up, he’s always ready to sell.
2. Accept Credit Cards. This makes it easy for those “on the spot” sales, Kevin has purchased a credit card reader that attaches to his smart phone. He keeps the inch-long device in his pocket. He has a great story of stopping by his favorite restaurant to sell a book to a staff person there. As he sat at the bar signing the book, several people asked about it. Before he left he sold 18 books! You can get a credit card reader for free from Square and now from Paypal.
3. Bulk Sales. Selling books one-on-one to the people you meet will only get you so far. Kevin sold them multiple copies of his book to several chiropractors to have in their offices. The doctors can either sell the book in their office, or give it away to patients.
4. Start a Facebook page. It’s great to have a Facebook page for yourself, now you need one for your book. Kevin started his Facebook page and invited his friends and colleagues to “like” it. So far, he’s received more than 2,000 “likes” in a matter of weeks.

In addition to all of the above, Kevin is now talking with Barnes and Noble about selling the book local stores. He is also planning seminars and sending the book to a wide variety of authors, other chiropractors and review sites as ways to keep spreading the word.

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