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Finish Your Book by Karen Hodges Miller and Lorette Pruden

We all have the same 24 hours in every day. “You can’t make more time, you must find it!” say the authors of “Finish Your Book!” In today’s busy world we are all juggling dozens of different tasks – there’s a job, soccer practice for the kids, and of course, dinner isn’t cooking itself, either! It is difficult to find not just any time – but the right kind of time – the right hours in the day when we can clear our minds and have the creative energy we need to write. Miller and Pruden give practical advice not only on finding that time and energy, but preparing your space, organizing your work, dealing with writer’s block and other obstacles, and planning ahead to what will happen when the book is written and published. “Finish your book!” is a practical, engaging, and thorough guide to getting back on track and – and staying there!

ISBN: 978-0983875000

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