Our First Fiction Book

Mirage of Truth by L.E. Rose is the first work of fiction to be published by Open Door Publications. It is a fascinating work on a controversial subject. It will be available Dec. 9. Click here to read more about Mirage of Truth. We hope you will visit our bookstore to purchase this new book for yourself and for your loved ones. It would make a great Christmas gift for any woman who is interested in exploring the ever changing, yet ever constant complexities of the relationships between men and women.

A woman, a gambler, a mercenary, a warlord: Each has lived without honor and seldom faced the truth of their lives. Will they be able to renounce their status, wealth, or beauty? When they arrive at a New Jersey Casino they are like broken shells on the Atlantic City beach. They are fractured characters resigned that what they will be has already been determined, and the splintered memories of their past hover over their stilted spirits like dust particles under a mirage of lost possibilities. Can redemption lie in a game of poker? Can the arbitrary card of probability bring about a defining possibility? Can female honor be upheld by the hand that is dealt? If they play the game with integrity, they not only will become the sirens of change, but also the best of human decency – because the cards have no memory. Choice is still possible even in the endgame.

The five chapters of Mirage of Truth are divided by the rules of a poker game: the Deal, the Flop, the Turn, the River, the Showdown. In each chapter, a new card is dealt and the characters shred another delusion in the mirage, drawing them closer to the truth. As the stakes intensify these three men, captivated by one woman, become entangled in a delusion of desires. In the final showdown they will sit at the gaming table to face not only each other, but themselves. If they can finally accept the truth, they can obtain the honor which they never were able to have in their lives. For a life without honor, is not a life worth living!

This is the first novel for New Jersey native  and Princeton resident, L.E. Rose.


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