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Life Happens, a collection of short stories by Dayle Herstik

In between events, appointments and obligations, life happens, says author Dayle Herstik. Every day is an experience, even when we do nothing memorable. In her first book, When We Were Perfect, Herstik brought us snapshots of daily life through her poetry. In Life Happens she explores the short story and flash fiction to show us the small dramas of everyday life; situations that can be either distressing or absurd, but that seem all-important in the moment that they happen. Tales of love, anger, fear, frustration, sadness and joy morph into little vignettes. Most of the time they are not life-shattering, but they could be. They can be translated into a thriller as a woman meets a strange man on market day, the humor of hearing the silent thoughts of the members of a wedding party, or the poignancy of a visit with a longtime friend. Life Happens reminds us every day is meaningful, even those days when nothing much happens but life.

ISBN: 978-0-9789782-7-3

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