Winter Writers’ Weekend Hall of Fame

Kesha Cox attended last year’s Second Annual Winter Writers’ Weekend to find out more about writing a memoir. She and I began working together in March, and I am proud to say that she will be publishing her book Never Settle for Less in March of 2015.

Kesha’s story is powerful and she has a wonderful gift for telling a story. I know her book, “Never Settle for Less,” is going to be a success, and she is just one of the wonderful authors who got her start with Open Door Publications and the Winter Writers’ Weekend.

Here’s a short excerpt from her book.

 “I heard a loud noise outside my window. Voices repeatedly saying, ‘Open up the door! This is the police!’ I thought to myself, “Okay Kesha, you’re dreaming, go back to sleep,” but those voices became even clearer, and I knew they were at my front door. There were police cars everywhere and all I could say to Byron was, ‘What did you do? Why are you doing this?’

I opened the door for the police. Guns pointed directly at my face. Voices shouted, ‘Get down!’ and ‘Where is he?’

‘He’s upstairs. But please, my baby is upstairs too. Please don’t hurt my baby.’

My son stood at the top of the steps in tears; his hands out trying to reach for me. I said to him, ‘I promise not to let anyone hurt you ever again.’ I decided from that moment on that I was going to risk neither my life nor my son’s life for foolishness. My grandparents didn’t do it to me, so I wasn’t going to put my son through any more pain, not even the pain of his own father.”

Kesha’s book, Never Settle for Less, will be available on, and of course,, in March, 2015. Price is $14.95. Pre-orders available upon request, email

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