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Connecting is better (& more FUN) in Person!

By Cindy Carothers

There are at least 15 ways that you can make money from your book above and beyond book sales. I’ll be conducting a workshop on that at the upcoming Winter Writer’s Weekend. It’s one of many, varied presentations on a range of issues all applicable to your work as a writer.

You can go straight to event registration at the end of this post, or you can consider these other reasons to join us:

Improve your marketing: branding sharpens in person
Branding is so much more than the colors on your website or the logo on your social media accounts or your book cover design. Branding is about personality and the way you communicate it. It is about your audience’s reaction to your personality.
When you attend in-person events, you get the chance to see your brand through fresh eyes and make changes so you communicate your message more clearly. Ever have words in your head that don’t come out of your mouth quite the way you wanted them to? In-person, you can practice how you talk about your message and get immediate feedback for greater clarity.

Build relationships faster: ‘magic’ happens in person
Relationships can start online, but they really solidify when you interact in-person. You have a chance to discover who you really click with.
You’ll often discover more common ground at one event than you will in 50 online messages. Everyone knows that written marketing messages are carefully crafted and for that reason can be inherently suspect.
In person, off the cuff, you’re more likely to make genuine connections based on who you (& they) really are. Your energy and passion are more readily gauged face-to-face.

Collaborate: partnerships form better in person
It’s fun and rewarding to partner with someone that you’ve had a chance to meet in person. You know their personality, their commitment and their style from spending time together at events. Co-author a book, start a new project, add to your promotional team – the possibilities are endless. You may never recognize these possibilities in a purely remote interaction.

Be sure to prioritize
Conferences always go by much faster than you think they will. That’s why it is helpful to have a game plan in mind ahead of time. This lets you make the most of and enjoy your time there. Before any event, take the time to think about what you’re hoping to accomplish by attending.

• If you hope to build a network of supporters that will promote your latest offering, then socializing with others is your top priority.
• If you hope to find a new partner to work with, then you’ll be mindful of the ease with which you can communicate with individuals.
• If you’re going to be educated, then you’ll register for sessions that give you the information you need.
• If you’re looking for feedback, you’ll plan to spend breaks and meals with different people each time.

As an attendee from last year said “the best part of the weekend is always the people.” Come be one of those great people!

A sales and marketing consultant, Cindy Carothers focuses on entrepreneurial behavior – and moving you beyond talking and wishful thinking to executing a promotional plan.

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