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What if You Could Just Show Up and Teach?

3 Ways to Professionally Create Video for Your Course

By Parchelle Tashi

Creating an online course is no easy task, no matter how easy someone on YouTube makes it sound. Marketing and selling it is typically the most challenging part, but right next to that is the task of actually producing the content. There’s more than enough information available online to learn about digital marketing, so right now I want to provide some perspective on the second hardest part of course creation: media production.

When it comes to learning design, the more of your readers’ physical senses that you engage, the more effective the experience will be. When your audience reads your book, only two senses are engaged: sight and touch (if they’re reading a physical copy). However, when we incorporate media into the learning experience through the means of video, for example, we engage their hearing, too.

More often than not, your readers will appreciate being able to see and hear you, over just reading text on a screen. With that said, video production is essential to creative online learning.  

Having produced videos professionally for over a decade, I’m well versed on how to create engaging visual content. From teaching professionals DIY video production to overseeing multi-site crews, it’s all the same. We’re attempting to communicate a message to an audience, and in order for that to happen effectively, we need to be clearly seen, and clearly heard. 

These two pillars form the strong foundation on which quality video production is built upon. You don’t have to have the best camera in the world, nor do you have to have a crew of 50 people on set. Regardless of how good you look, if your audio is bad, the entire video is bad. 

You simply need the setup that works best for you. In my professional opinion, as long as you create the necessary environment where you can teach freely and confidently, while looking and sounding good, you’re in good shape! 

Plus, nothing feels better than being in that flow where you’re teaching your subject matter in your own, unique communication style, and not stressed about the tech. 

Creating a course today is no different in the sense that having a team is essential, especially if you are someone who has more money and resources than time and wants the process to be executed professionally. With this reasoning in mind, let’s dive deeper into the video production aspect of creating an online course. 

Understand that the process of creating video content for a course is different based on where you are in your business or brand. This means you will need to adjust your content and method of delivery accordingly. 

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