All My Heroes Have Fur, Fins & Feathers by Sherri A. Lynn

fur fins and feathers book cover

We all want to feel safe, loved, protected, supported, encouraged…we want to feel seen and heard. Don’t animals deserve the same thing?

If the idea of communicating with animals is new to you, the soul-stirring stories in this book will open your heart and mind to this fascinating world.

In a series of short stories about the many animals that have touched her life, Sherri takes us back to the moment she realizes she has an amazing ability to communicate with animals. She lovingly takes the reader on a journey of how each animal has healed and nurtured her while she does the same for them.

Sherri shares her experiences…sometimes in a time of emotional crisis, or when she is reminded of times when she was deprived by those from whom she deserved love and care. She discovers that she receives generous unconditional love instead from her soul family, the animals with whom she develops deep connections. She describes the magical feeling of touching the emotions and thoughts of the animals that surround us all—from the household pets she works with daily to the extraordinary moment of communicating with an injured wild raptor.

Are you listening to the animals around you?

$12.99 paper, $3.99 ebook
ISBN-13: 978-1732820234