Ambushed by Grief by Eloise Cowherd, M. Div. and Toni Griffith, LCSW

book cover ambushed by grief

Ambushed by Grief is a different kind of book for the grieving. It is more than a series of meditations, more than a description of the experience of grief. It is a workbook, designed to be used by anyone who has lost a loved one.
What will you learn? You are not crazy, you are grieving, you’ll get through this your way and that’s okay, you may be ambushed by grief in unexpected ways, your relationship doesn’t have to end . . . love does not die.
Ambushed by Grief is “fragments, findings, insights and meanderings,” meant to be picked up and put down, read over and over, written in, and even thrown at the wall. It is a guide and a companion through the early, devastating weeks of grief.

ISBN: 978-0983875093

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