Don’t Paint Your Kitchen by Joey Himelfarb

don't paint your kitchen book cover

Are you looking for your dream job? Have you been on interview after interview after interview only to be told that “you’re just not what we are looking for?” Are you frustrated by the whole job search experience and ready to give up?

Then Joey Himelfarb has some advice for you: Looking for your next job is selling yourself.

“There’s a science to selling but there is also definitely an art,” says Himelfarb. There are tried and true ways to sell effectively and ways NOT to sell. Don’t Paint Your Kitchen explores both in an upbeat way that will help every job seeker become the knight in shining armor that the hiring manager has been looking for.

Landing that dream job is the most important “sale” you will ever make. You must sell yourself persuasively, ethically, and effectively. Joey’s book shows you how.

—Mike Michalowicz, Author of Clockwork and Profit First

Joey paints the right picture for job seekers—looking for work IS selling yourself. By checking your ego at the door, putting the hiring manager’s needs before yours, and offering solutions to their problems, you will stand out among other job seekers. You’re bound to find many useful and actionable pieces of advice within this informative and easy-to-read guide to help you get the job you want.

—Abby Kohut, successful human resources professional and recruiter. Selected as one of the top 100 influential people online according to Fast Company Magazine.

Ebook $4.99 paper $14.95

ISBN-13 ‎ 979-8986581200