Freya and the Dragon Egg by K.W. Penndorf

freya and the dragon egg bookcover

Freya feels like a misfit. Her sisters love to talk about “doing a Freya” – a family term for any mistake she makes. As the middle child she feels unnoticed by her parents, so when her father, a renowned archeologist asks her to take care of a precious egg – Freya swallows it. And suddenly she finds herself transported to ancient Denmark, meeting Vikings, sprites and a Berserk – all while fearing she will turn into the most evil creature of all – a Raedslen. All she wants to do is return home and tell her family about her adventures, but first she must stop Ragnar, protect the ancient tree Yggdrasil, and save the future.

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ISBN: 978-0-9960985-4-0

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