Grit, Grace & Gravitas by Jane Firth and Andrea Zintz

grit grace and gravitas book cover

What is the game-changer in leadership development?

In their new book on leadership, which expands our understanding of emotional intelligence, Jane Firth and Andrea Zintz deconstruct the mysteries of presence and reconstruct them into actionable skills for leaders.

What if executive presence isn’t the mystery it has been made out to be? There is no shortage of information or opinions on increasing one’s executive presence. But get ready. In Grit, Grace and Gravitas you will learn how grace, and the way it enhances the impact of your grit and your gravitas, is the game-changing strength of exemplary leadership and executive presence.

Firth and Zintz offer a model that simultaneously clears away the esoteric notions about presence and its importance to leadership and deliver the developmental steps that lead to accelerate your evolution as a leader.

After reading this book and applying the knowledge it provides:

  • You will have a more compelling and impactful presence-your presence will evolve and be a contribution in ways it has never been before.
  • You will be a more effective leader-you will have the keys to bringing out the best in yourself and those you lead.
  • You will understand how to be effective-and even masterful-in dealing with the emotional realities and challenges of leadership that otherwise get in the way of solutions, innovation, and progress.

$25.95 paper $9.99 ebook

ISBN-13: 978-1732820210