The Healing Dance by Grace Sunga Asagra

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Healing, says Grace Sunga Asagra, is a slow dance and weave that allow the giver, through touch, to send and receive a message of healing to a given part of the body. Asagra, a native of the Philippines, is an expert in both eastern and western healing traditions. In The Healing Dance she weaves her story of the traditional, indigenous healing of the Philippines with experience and wisdom.
Asagra includes a brief history of Asian healing arts and how the traditions of various cultures from Thai massage to Filipino hilot are related. She adds poetry, recipes for traditional healing foods, and advice for both the giver and receiver of healing touch, as well as a beautifully illustrated guide to massage techniques.
One of the few written records of Filipino Hilot, this book is a must for anyone interested in indigenous healing and massage techniques.

ISBN: 978099679850

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