Love Changes Everything By Jen Kline Clark

love changes everything book cover

Once there was a mom and dad…but they needed a family to make them complete. Love Changes Everything is the story of how  that mom and dad became a family. First they adopted their son, then later they gave birth to their daughter.  And it was kismet.

Author Jen Kline Clark is married to Patrick, mom to Oliver and Maggie, and the publisher of “Bucks County Coffee News.” Love Changes Everything is a children’s story that Jen felt compelled to write. Her family came together in an unusual way and she wanted to capture the magic of their journey. Each of her family members was meant to be connected to the other. She hopes her book is the catalyst for lots of bedtime discussions on topics such as family, love, adoption, biology and destiny.

Katie Avagliano is a writer with a Bachelor of Arts in English and History from Florida State University. She is currently pursuing an MFA in creative writing in Washington, DC. Katie is also Jen’s niece and she turned Jen’s story into poetry.​

The illustator, Diana Nemesu, captured Jen’s heart with her illustrations.  When coupled with the words they take the story to a whole new level. Find out more about Diana at

ISBN:  978-0-9981208-1-2