Picking up the Pieces by Dawn Ruggie

picking up the pieces book cover

On January 26, 2019, just weeks after celebrating the birth of their first grandchild, Dawn Ruggie received the call that no parent should ever get. Her beautiful daughter, Brielle, was very ill and in the emergency room.

Brielle, a vibrant 21 year old, who had recently given birth to a baby girl was on the verge of realizing all of her dreams. From the time the Ruggie’s fostered and adopted her they all looked forward to a time when the grips of her past let her free.

When Dawn arrived at the hospital, Brielle was much worse than she expected, an unknown infection was ravaging her body. Dawn had just spent the day with her and couldn’t understand how this perfectly healthy mother could become gravely ill in such a short time?

Picking Up the Pieces is the story of Brielle’s journey, from an abused child, caught in the foster system while speaking little to no English, to a happy thriving young mom. And how her mother, Dawn, and the rest of her family, are picking up the pieces to carry on her daughter’s memory.

What if my purpose in life is to be a mom, her mom, and to share her story, our story, to help others? I can’t walk away from the opportunity that has presented itself in my thoughts, even if I can’t not see a clear path.

–Dawn Ruggie

It is the story of a mother’s journey through grief and with God’s help the realization that she can carry on Brie’s legacy of courage and love to help other families walking a similar path.

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