Thriving In Thin Air by Leo F. Flanagan Jr.

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It’s not recycled obsolete stress management and coping from the second half of the last century.
It provides a comprehensive approach to becoming resilient.

Right now 37% of the U.S. population, or just under 117M people, are suffering from anxiety or depression disorders—up from 8% only a year ago. Increasingly the media is reporting this mental health crisis as a result of the COViD pandemic and all the other crises it has unleashed or brought into sharp focus.
Yes, it is a result. But that misses the point. Anxiety is not just a result of the crises it is an accelerant. Anxiety causes us to be highjacked by our emotions and impairs our ability to perceive our surroundings and to think and act effectively. Anxiety ignites fights between store employees and consumers who refuse to wear masks; it fans the flames of our political unrest and divisiveness.

Anxiety is more contagious than COVid19. Social distancing and masks won’t contain it. Anxiety spreads enough across cell phone microwaves and digital platforms like Zoom.
Thriving in Thin Air applies the latest neuroscience, particularly brain plasticity, to enable readers to rewire their brains so that they can thrive even in difficult and challenging times.

Thriving in Thin Air is the only book that focuses specifically on how to reduce anxiety and increase emotional health in challenging times.

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ISBN-13: ‎978-1736759103

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