He’s Back! Walt Snowman…

Snowman_smallerHi! It is Walt again. Karen Hodges Miller is letting me write some more on her blog. She said her friends enjoy reading about my adventures. Aw, shucks!

Last weekend I went to the Winter Festival in Lambertville. Did you go there, too? If so, maybe we saw each other. I was the snowman walking around enjoying all the ice sculptures. While my book is about snow sculptures, I do enjoy a good ice sculpture, too. While in Lambertville, I met lots of fun people. All of them told me to go to the 2014 Winter Writers’ Weekend February 28-March 2 in the Lambertville House in Lambertville, NJ!

The first person I met was Karen Hodges Miller @Publisher_KHM , owner of Open Door Publications, and creator of the 2014 Winter Writers’ Weekend. I know, you are saying, “Walt, of course she would tell you to go, it is her event.” More than inviting me to the event, she invited me to write about it on her blog. How cool is that?

Karen introduced me to Sonja Hegman @chiefwordsmith, a blogger and author of the book “Moving at the Speed of Twitter.” Sonja went last year and told me about the cool things she learned (I’m a snowman, cool is high praise in my book!). She encourages people like me to make my books a reality! She said I should go to the 2014 Winter Writers’ Weekend February 28-March 2 in the Lambertville House in Lambertville, NJ. Sonja told me to go to https://opendoorpublications.com/winter-writers-weekend/ to register.

I am so excited!

Back to my friend, Karen, I don’t know how to get started, so I her for some advice. She told me now is the best time to register for the 2014 Winter Writers’ Weekend. Here I will learn everything I need to publish and market my book with success. You can register online, or you can call 609-553-9800 or email them at info@opendoorpublications.com to reserve your spot.

While at the Winter Festival, Karen introduced me to some of her friends. Laura Pedrick of Pedrick Photography in Titusville, NJ, is giving me tips and teaching me how to take fantastic pictures of snow sculptures — such as the best time of day to take it, and how to make the snow really glisten. I’m learning a lot from her. I can’t wait to share my pictures with everyone!!

Laura told me about the importance of a good headshot. Which side do you think is my best one? I look forward to hearing her speak and seeing more of her headshots at the Lambertville House in Lambertville, NJ.

Their friend, Ed Alpern, suggested I videotape my friends making snow sculptures that I can then post to my website. Wow! Now, I really need a website. I keep getting more excited about my book.

Then I met Lisa Snyder at Silver Hoop Edge @zigorzag to see if she has any advice for creating a website, you see I was so busy writing the book, I never thought about anyone reading it. She, too, said the best thing to do is for me to come to the 2014 Winter Writers’ Weekend.

Karen @Publisher_KHM then talked about what I need to do to make my book a reality. She is connecting me with an editor to put the finishing touches on my book. Yippee!!!

Karen introduced me to Amy Collins @NewShelvesBooks! She has over 25 years’ experience selling and marketing books. Her company, New Shelves Distribution, is the fastest-growing book distribution company in North America. New Shelves offers book sales, warehousing, and book distribution as well as consulting and marketing for publishers and authors. She is a really cool person to meet.

What are you most looking forward to about the 2014 Winter Writers’ Weekend?

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