Walt Snowman is excited about the SNOW!

Snowman_smallerHi! It is Walt again! Do you know why I am so excited??? It’s because it is SNOWING outside! This is the perfect weather for making snow sculptures — not too hot and not too cold with lots and lots and lots of SNOW!! How many snow sculptures have you made? The first ones I did have already been covered by more snow!!

Plus I’m really excited that Punxsutawney Phil predicted MORE WINTER! This is my favorite season and this year. Even though I’ve been busy with my book, I’ve really been able to enjoy all this snow. This snow is the best, though, because it is not icy.

Back to business. Karen will get back to blogging for you soon. I’m happy she is letting me take over so I can share lots of thoughts with all of you.

First of all, have you signed up yet for the 2014 Winter Writers’ Weekend? If not, what are you waiting for?

Even though the groundhog did not predict an early spring (I was worried about melting during the Winter Writers’ Weekend), I still don’t want to drive to and from the Poconos. I want to have fun with my fellow writers each night in Lambertville and New Hope.

Karen set my mind at ease. She booked a block of rooms so I can stay at the Lambertville House @LambertvilleHou and not have to worry about driving each day. Whew!

I’m so excited about the 2014 Winter Writers’ Weekend February 28-March 2. I started looking into things to do while in Lambertville. Did you know they have something happening all year round? It is a beautiful town in all seasons, but in winter it becomes magical.

Friday night the 2014 Winter Writers’ Weekend opens up with a reception at the Artists’ Gallery @artists_gallery. I’m looking forward to hanging out with other artists and really getting to know them. I hope I don’t drip all over their artwork! That would be embarrassing!!

Do you like going to the theater as much as I do? I’m so excited that the Bucks County Playhouse @TheaterBCP is just across the river from Lambertville. I don’t see anything on their schedule for that weekend. I guess they are all going to the Winter Writers’ Weekend to meet me!

I’m looking for checking out the towpath and antique shops and restaurants and so much more! What are you looking forward to doing that weekend in Lambertville and New Hope? Besides meeting me and all the other cool authors, of course!

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