Snow = more snow sculptures for Walt

Snowman_smallerHi, it’s Walt. I’m back. A quick post about my favorite subject: SNOW SCULPTURES!!! This weekend I saw some really cool Super Bowl-themed ice sculptures in Lehigh Valley, PA. Did you see even ESPN came to check them out? Told you snow sculptures were very, very cool!

Yesterday’s surprise snowstorm gave me a chance to do some more writing and checking out some ice sculptures in the area. Okay, these are just some pictures of ice sculptures I saw in 2010 in Sussex, NJ. These are giving me some great ideas for my book about snow sculptures. I can’t wait to share these ideas with my friends at the 2014 Winter Writers’ Weekend in the Lambertville House in Lamberville, NJ February 28-March 2.

Seriously, though, I can’t believe all the cool things there are to do in Lambertville. Not only am I going to hear amazing speakers at the 2014 Winter Writers’ Weekend February 28-March 2 in the Lambertville House in Lambertville, NJ. Read my post from yesterday to see other cool things to do while in Lambertville and New Hope.

Thanks again, Karen, for letting me take over your blog.

Now back to writing!

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